Portugal National Soccer License Plate

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The Portugal National Soccer design features a painted medieval dragon clutching a football in his mighty claws. The dragon is powerful, fast and capable of swooping in on unsuspecting opponents. Behind him, painted stripes of green and red from the flag of Portugal blended with the portuguese coat of arms. The crest displays the cross of the Order of Christ over the playerÌ¢åÛåªs heart as found on the official Portugal Football jersey.


All these unique items are produced through the Die Sublimation and Giclee Printing process. The original art is digitally transferred to high resolution paper then heat transferred on the the fabric or product surface using vibrant and long lasting archival inks. Each item is hand crafted one at a time. With unique individual creases in fabric and the positioning of the print, no two garments are the same. Approved by the signature of artist Todd Dawes, splatters of paint and design element will appear differently on each item making them original works of art.


The soccer license plate is available on our durable 12" x 6" stainless steel plate. Featuring a protective gloss finish and slotted bolt holes, this plate will fit most vehicles and looks great anywhere it is displayed.