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All these unique items are produced through the Die Sublimation and Giclee Printing process. The original art is digitally transferred to high resolution paper then heat transferred on the fabric or product surface using vibrant and long lasting archival inks. Each item is hand crafted one at a time. With unique individual creases in fabric and the positioning of the print, no two garments are the same. Approved by the signature of artist Todd Dawes, splatters of paint and design element will appear differently on each item making them original works of art.

Q: Why are there white lines around the edges of the shirt and the armpits?

The original art design is applied to each garment one-at-a-time. The shirt is layered flat on the shirt press and the original painting is positioned on top. As the shirt and the painting are pressed together, the ink from the painting is pressed into the polyester fabric. Small areas were the fabric folds and creases do not receive the ink , thus appearing as white lines. These folds and creases are un avoidable in this printing process.

Q: Why are there blurs and smudges around the collar area ?

Around the collar, the Nation’s flag stripe is applied over the back neck area. The uneven areas created by the collar hem and the front portion of the collar does not allow for a solid transfer causing a few blurs and smudges. Barely visible, these marks art part of the Original art application.

Q: Why are there some faded areas around the edges of the shirt ?

The original paintings feature various airbrush techniques , traditional heavy brush strokes and graphic paint splatters. During the transfer process, the garment texture blends with the painting creating unique areas of color and density. This is a nature occurrence when using this printing process.