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2018 World Cup Championship France National Soccer Shirt

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2018 World Cup Championship France National Soccer Shirt

2018 World Cup Championship France National Soccer Shirt

The French National Soccer design features the Gallic Rooster painted in the French colors of red and blue. These relentless birds are known for their prowess in battle and using their massive claws and powerful beaks to defeat all who oppose them. The rooster clutches a football as he flies through a field of blue and the iconic fluer de liz, a symbol of French nobility. The rooster is the symbol of the Official France National Team Jersey.


All these unique items are produced through the Die Sublimation and Giclee Printing process. The original art is digitally transferred to high resolution paper then heat transferred on the the fabric or product surface using vibrant and long lasting archival inks. Each item is hand crafted one at a time. With unique individual creases in fabric and the positioning of the print, no two garments are the same. Approved by the signature of artist Todd Dawes, splatters of paint and design element will appear differently on each item making them original works of art.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt ( Adult & Youth)

This comfortable 100% performance polyester jersey features the Paragon Plus moisture management technology that wicks moisture away while providing odor control. The fabric provides a UPF Sun Protection Rating of 30+ and is breathable by moving perspiration from the skin to the outside of the fabric for rapid evaporation. As moisture is produced by the body, it moves through the hydrophobic layer of fabric, which acts as a pump to move the moisture to the outer surface. This synthetic Paragon fabric is both light, breathable and durable. Wash inside out in cold water with mild soap and NO BLEACH. Hang dry.


Customize your Custom Soccer Jersey with your name and number. All names and numbers are die sublimated on the blend with the existing graphics. Once a futbol jersey has been customized it cannot be exchanged or returned.